WoW, TBC Classic players upset for being /spit on with the new Warpstalker mount.

Players who have purchased the WoW Burning Crusade classic deluxe edition for the absurd price of $70 seem to be getting made fun of in-game constantly, players who are seen riding the Warpstalker mount, which you can only get in the $70 version of the game, are being /spit on and kicked from groups and ignored out in the world while playing. Before we go any further, I want to clarify that I fully support players having the choice to ignore or /spit on other players for any reason. If Blizzard wasn't okay with that type of behavior it wouldn't be in the game. However, this is the same company that changed the /whistle emote in the game because it was considered "problematic" to some players which is beyond pathetic. So who knows maybe players will start getting banned for "harassment" for doing this type of behavior.

The photo below is Twitter user @Kaldorei_Lifewho was being /spit on and made fun of for having the $70 mount.

The people replying under this tweet seem to be as delusional as the people who think putting microtransactions into a game that was specifically designed to not have them is acceptable. This guy calls for Blizzard to grow a pair and take action! How fragile and pathetic have people become that being /spit on in a game is cause for action? What does this sad sad man want Blizzard to do? Ban someone for using an in-game emote? It does warm my heart, however, to see people in replies on some of these tweets continuing the ripping on the mount and extremely fragile mindset.

For people thinking it's a bit much to /spit or make fun of people in-game for buying a mount, I agree and disagree, I think if you go into a game and buy the single most controversial item in the game and then you use that item, I don't think you have any right to complain. When Blizzard announced this it was very clear that the majority of players did not want this in the game, so if you decide to use it you're going to have to deal with what players say and do just like we have to deal with seeing your mount that wasn't in the TBC and still shouldn't be. On the other hand, if people want to spend an absurd amount of money for a mount then I think they should be able to, but only in games where microtransactions belong and Classic TBC is not one of those games.

This Reddit user could not have said it better, the user is 100% spot on with their reasoning like I said above you can spend your money on whatever you want and they're right, it's not about the mount at all. If they introduced a set of armor you could only get with the deluxe edition or a special emote in-game it would have received the same ridicule because it's about telling Blizzard what the players do and don't want. Will Blizzard listen of course not. Why you ask?

Some players have gone so far as to even create an extension for the addon Weakauras, Weakauras allows you to create custom icons, textures, progress bars, animations, timers, text alerts, and so on. The player made it to where when they target another player that is riding the store exclusive Warpstalker mount their in-game character automatically /spits on the other player. The Reddit post about the Weakaura seemed to attract a lot of attention from both sides of the aisle those defending the mount and those hating on it.

I think at the end of the day if you want the mount then go ahead and buy it, but if you get made fun of for it don't go crying home to mama. My personal opinion on the topic is, do not buy the mount and do not support Blizzard's crap monetizing of Classic Wow. They don't need more incentives to introduce more and more store items but they probably will anyway, just look at retail WoWs in-game shop, it looks like a Chinese mobile game.

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