World Of Warcraft VS FFXIV: Who Actually Has More Players?

Two titans of a dead genre are duking it out to come out on top, will the legend that is World Of Warcraft win or will the newcomer Final Fantasy 14 steal the crown? Recently I saw several sites release articles saying that FFXIV has surpassed Wow in players, so I wanted to break down the numbers and provide real unbiased information on this topic. Yes, I did play wow for 10+ years, but I haven't played it at any length for well over five years, (also any love I had for that game is gone with how they ruined TBC classic). I'm going to delve deep into the numbers for each game and provide the actual statistics as well as toss in my opinion towards the end.

World Of Warcraft as a brand does have 3.3 million players daily but Classic Wow makes up 1.71 million players of that 3.3 million. So what does that mean? Classic Wow makes up 51.81% of World Of Warcrafts subscribers, retail Wow holds the remaining 48.19%.

With FFXIV coming in at 2.54 million daily players, they do have more players vs either version of Wow by themselves. However, World Of Warcraft as a brand is more than one version of the game, if counted this way Wow is still a long way in the lead. It's up to you to decide how Wow's actual numbers should be quantified. I'm not going to post an article with an agenda to try and skew the results to one side or the other, (refreshing for 2021, huh?).

Should only the retail version of the game be counted or should the classic re-release version also be added in? If you ask me I would say considering classic Wow is a World Of Warcraft game then they should be counted, meaning FFXIV is still behind Wow. Perhaps a more important question than which MMO is more popular should be, who cares? It's 2021, MMO's have lost their special allure of bringing hundreds of people into the same world and being able to communicate with one another instantly at a time when that wasn't easy to do. When Wow released I could only text people who also had Verizon cell phones otherwise it would've cost something like $0.05 a text, so Wow was an incredible way to communicate and meet people. Not a single one of those communication barriers exists anymore, there are hundreds if not thousands of free ways to communicate with friends. With all that being said, Wow is horrendous now, it's boring, it's littered with microtransactions, PVP is garbage, and the community is a bunch of bald men in their 30's praying it gets good again even though they know it won't. At this point Wow needs to be brought out behind the shed and put down, it would be the honorable thing to do. FFXIV, on the other hand, has possibly the worst community in gaming behind the LOL community, and every time I look the game up I see catgirls dancing with dudes with bunny ears. I love final fantasy for their single-player games, but c'mon who is going to dedicate hundreds of hours to a game with this in it?

"But Mr Catelli what should we sink hundreds of hours into if not the two top MMOs?" Well after you've read every single post on this site, I would recommend going back to this post and picking a game that's coming out like Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance which comes out tomorrow as of me writing this. Be sure to check back later this week for a review and first impressions about the game!

-Mr Catelli

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