Why Does Call Of Duty Zombies Suck Now?

After playing the newest Zombies map Mauer Der Toten yesterday I couldn't help but think about the Cod zombies maps of old and what got us here today. If you want to read my review on the new map click here. I think I've figured it out after thinking about it all night, the modern-day zombie's experience should be considered something completely different in my opinion compared to the nazi zombie's maps of the past. Nazi zombies was about being in tight areas or completely enclosed buildings with nothing but some guns and hordes of zombies pouring in through the windows. Modern-day zombies is the complete opposite, you spawn in with a fully built gun and an "ultimate" ability. Not only is the new zombie's brain numbingly easy, but it's also so god damn boring. You spawn with a gun that used to take several rounds to even have a chance at getting from the mystery box. Within 4 rounds of modern zombies, you have hit the box 3 times and have Juggernog already, at round 4 back in older zombies maps you might've bought one of the wall guns or are doing the strategic 3 shots and a knife to maximize your points.

For reference, the top picture is the first-ever nazi zombies map, Nacht Der Untoten and the bottom picture is the newest map Mauer Der Toten.

I've tried writing this next part 4 times now and can't get it to sound how I want it to so since this is going in the rants/rambles section of the site I'm going to be very blunt. The new map sucks ass, it's not fun, it's boring and of course, the stupid massive easter egg is the main point of it. I'm not sure what changes happened after the introduction of easter eggs in ascension but it's a damn shame to see how far the king has fallen. If you disagree please let me know why in the comments, I want to enjoy zombies again but I just can't get into it anymore.

-Mr Catelli

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