Why Blizzard Should Merge Classic TBC Servers, And Why They Probably Wont.

Having played WoW throughout three decades it's safe to say I know what I'm talking about, one of the most important aspects to WoW which is an MMO is directly in the abbreviation MMO and that's Multiplayer. On my server Kirtonos, 87% of all players are horde, the player count is 1149 horde and only a mere 179 alliance. This ruins all aspects of the game, if you play in any similar imbalance then you know what I'm talking about. I am a Jewelcrafter and am sitting at 310/375 skill level and I can not go any further in my profession because there is nothing in the alliance side auction house. This is a very specific issue to have, but it affects me because professions are one of my favorite things in the game, however, not everyone does them or cares about them the way I do.

Our entire auction house only has 2945 items in it, when the server was populated before everyone server transferred we had around 20 thousand items in it at any given time.

So for those who don't care about professions or auction houses let's talk about the main point of the entire game, leveling to level 70 to do raids, heroic dungeons, and PVP. Let's talk leveling on this forsaken server, we level in a group of three; me a mage, Biggins our warrior, and Minkusfinkus our rogue, by the time we hit level 61 in Hellfire Peninsula we had been attacked well over fifteen times. Sometimes it's a fair fight and it's 3 vs 3 other times we exact our revenge and will squash a solo or duo team out in the stretches of Hellfire, but what happens most of the time is we get into a fight with 3-5 horde then it's seven and before you know it there's ten or more horde and they steamroll us. Zeth'gor in Hellfire was and still is a warzone on our server, our first journey there for a quest led us straight into the hive of the horde, we stayed friends and weren't attacked for about five minutes but once the first horde jumped us we had to fight back and within a blink of an eye we had no less than 20 horde fighting and now corpse camping us. I for one love PvP I think it's the best endgame content for WoW, and yes you could say just play on a PVE server and that is an option but I like world PVP I have no problem with losing fights or being ganked that's part of it, but when I don't even have a chance to fight back that kind of ruins the fun of it. Below is a picture of me hiding behind a hill after returning to my corpse to try and not be attacked by three horde again.

I felt like Frodo & friends hiding from the Nazgul under a log.

Now let's talk about the other side of endgame content in WoW, PVE the bread and butter of wow, everyone's go-to. Be it spamming dungeons to level or farming heroics for gear or raiding to try and get the best gear in the game and be on top of the damage meters for life, whatever your forte is with PVE there's one thing you need to do it, and that's other players. To do a dungeon you need five people, I just last night had to wait over an hour to find a tank that wanted to run Blood Furnace. If I can barely fill a team to do a very popular leveling dungeon a week into the launch of the expansion, how in the hell am I going to fill 24 other slots to do a raid 6 months into the expansion? Currently, there are only 19 people in all of Hellfire Peninsula and we're only six days into the expansion, which means my entire server couldn't even fill four groups to run Hellfire Ramparts or Blood Furnace.

For anyone who thinks merging servers is bad, what in the world is wrong with you? You'll have a more lively economy in-game, you'll have better PVP because it's more balanced, you get to find enchanters or leatherworkers, if you need an item it's likely in your auction house. All of those things we can't do on this server it's completely dead, it makes playing the game much worse, I can't enjoy many of the things in the game because there aren't enough people to do them with, or there aren't enough people who have professions leveled. A great example of this is on the tail end of classic into TBC pre-patch I was looking for an enchanter to give 30 spell power to my weapon. Did I find anyone on my entire server that had it? No, I did not.

You may be thinking to yourself, well what could Blizzard do about this situation? Well for one thing server transfers should never have been introduced to the classic realm because that kills any kind of server identity, and it also leads to what we are currently experiencing which is many severely imbalanced servers or just plain dead servers. I think the best option for Blizzard is to merge heavily unbalanced servers to create a balance. Within five minutes of researching server populations and faction balances, I've found two sets of servers that should be merged. There would be no downside to this, each faction would gain players, economies, raid groups, guilds, and so on.

Server population was pulled from https://ironforge.pro/

This crap is why they have done nothing and will continue to do nothing to fix their game. A couple of weeks before pre-patch our server was lively, there was hundreds of alliance playing, once this got introduced that number took a nosedive. The only hope I have for these servers getting fixed is for Blizzard to realize they got the majority of people who were ever going to buy a server transfer already. Anyone on my server who was talking about transferring did it a month ago, nobody is still transferring, so once Blizzard notices this maybe just maybe they'll do something to make the game better for once.

If you ever catch yourself on Kirtonos, say hi my character is Magelli and FadedKrampus is biggins.


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