Top 5 Games To Avoid On The 2021 Steam Summer Sale

5. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3, hoo-boy. Do you know how most games that last a while usually have that one very obvious falling-off point? For Call Of Duty that would be Advanced Warfare and for Halo it would be Halo 4, well Borderlands 3 is the black sheep of the family for the Borderlands franchise. While it did receive an 82/100 from "game journalists" it truly received a 5.5/10 from actual players on Metacritic. I spent 6 hours in this hell hole with FadedKrampus and that was more than enough for us to both never want to step foot in this world again. The game is plagued with bugs at every turn, the story is god awful and embarrassing, the main "villain" is a cringy twitch streamer. Plain and simple the game sucks ass, avoid this one at all costs, and for the price they are asking it's not even close to being worth it.

4. Life Is Strange

I can't put into words how much disdain I have for this series of "games". I put that in quotes because these aren't video games, they are walking simulators with little to nothing to actually do in the world. The only reason these games get bought is because they pandared to the LGBTQ audience and they ate it up. If you like these games then I'm happy for you, honestly I am and I hope you enjoy them but for everyone else who doesn't want to play a game where the main character "absorbs emotions of others" this is going to be one you're going to want to avoid like Covid-19.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

This right here is exactly what I mean when I say the state of gaming in 2021 is the worst it's ever been. GTA V is almost ten years old at this point and they still have the nerve to charge money for it, while it's on game pass! Not only is the game almost ten years old, but it's now going to stretch across three separate generations of consoles. But possibly the biggest sin of all is the GTA V steam page itself, what's the first option you'd expect when you go to a games page? If you're a normal person you probably said the first option would be to buy the game right? Wrong, on GTA V's steam page your first option is to buy a damn shark card, yes you read that right the first option isn't to buy the game, it's a microtransaction. While the game itself is honestly good the practices of the company combined with its lack of producing a new game in 8 years makes this one a skip based on principles alone.

2. The Outer Worlds

This one hurts me to put on this list as I was beyond hyped for The Outer Worlds when it dropped in 2019. For a game that was touted as being the Fallout killer and a new powerhouse to the genre boy did this fall flat on its face. The first half of the game was fine (actually, it was pretty good), however, that good first half took a sharp nose dive during the second half of the game. The second half of the game felt rushed and unpolished, not only was the story terrible towards the end but it felt so repetitive. What really put this game on this list is the price they want for it. $24 to play this just straight up isn't worth it, if they had been charging maybe $10 for the game then I think I would've excluded it from this list.

1. Just Cause 4 Reloaded

This is an easy one, avoid this game. Just plain and simple do not buy it, I am a big fan of the earlier games in this franchise but they just lost their spark. Ask FadedKrampus his opinion about this game and you'll understand why I say avoid this one. It's a buggy mess with a boring story, while some of the mechanics are cool they only work half the time on behalf of all the glitches. For the price of $13.63, there are plenty of other games that money would be better spent on, for my top 5 must buy's of the 2021 Steam Summer Sale click here.

-Mr Catelli

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