The Outer Worlds 2 Deep Dive: Can It Save The Series?

I have to say this right away, I absolutely hated this trailer. The Outer Worlds is not a game that needs a humorous "self-aware" trailer, especially not after the pile of crap that was the first game. This game was being promoted as a contender to the likes of Fallout and Skyrim, are you joking? Whoever thought it would be smart to slap up a trailer in this style should be fired without question. This type of trailer can be fine, and I think it works flawlessly in games where it belongs. But when you tell me this is the Fallout killer and I see something like this, I can't help but laugh in the face of those who say that without jest. Not only was the trailer in a horrible style, but they also made the absolute number one cardinal sin for a game company: they released the trailer with no gameplay and no information about a release date, not even a year. I very rarely will care about a game unless I see the trailer and the game is coming out within 4-6 months, otherwise, I don't care and I will not remember your game.

What we're shown are obviously not the graphics of the game and are most likely just rendered action scenes and panning shots. So if you were to ask my opinion, them releasing a trailer with no game content and no release date is completely pointless. Some would say, "ah but now you're thinking about the game", and guess what you're right. I did think about the first game and how much of a disappointment it was. This second game has a lot of heavy lifting to do to pull itself from the mud where the first game left it.

That game had so much potential and the first 35-50% of it was fantastic, after that it became a 5/10 game. The story was flat, the characters were boring, and the environments were horrendous. The main city of Byzantium is the worst city/town I have ever experienced in a video game. I beat the first game four times because I wanted to get most of the achievements, so I feel quite qualified to speak about this game's massive missteps and issues. Everything in that game before you go to the main city is great, the quests were fun and varied, the enemy types were interesting, and the weapons were damned cool. But once you stepped foot into that god-forsaken city the game nosedived, it got boring, slow, easy, and overall not fun, which is the whole point of playing video games.

This second game, which realistically isn't going to be seeing the light of day until 2023 or even later, needs to mend the issues of the first. The sequel is going to need massive reworks on questing, the combat mechanics, characters, and especially the environments. I cannot tell you how many times I had to go to X planet and run through the same six mobs each time to get to a quest giver and how tedious it became. There were only a few interesting environments, again all before you go to Byzantium, the enemies got boring once you entered the city and the game overall fell on its face. If the developers, who by the way made a little series you might have heard of called Fallout, can't fix these massive blunders they had in the first game, then this sequel is destined to be in the 5$ bin at Walmart in less than 2 weeks upon its release.

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