The Day Of The Burning Crusade Classic

There is exactly 1 hour 50 minutes and 21 seconds until Blizzard pushes TBC classic live as of me writing this and I have next to zero excitement for it. I want to clarify before we get started Wow is my all-time favorite game, I loved Wow for years and always wanted it to succeed. For some background I've played wow on and off since the original launch of TBC, I finally quit the game "permanently" after Warlords Of Draenor. However, like most of us who wanted a taste of the good old days I came sprinting back for the launch of classic Wow. Classic wow was so much fun that I roped in 2 friends who would've rather died than play Wow, and we continued to have some of our best memories in gaming and played for several months.

That takes us to the fateful day February 19th, 2021. TBC classic gets announced from Blizzard officially after months of rumors of its existence. Of course, I saw the trailer and felt like a little kid again, the boys were all gonna hop back into Azeroth kick down the dark portal together and have months of fun. I sent the video to the group chat we all got extremely hyped to play what's referred to as the best Wow expansion ever, the peak of the game if you will.

I want to start with the good and leave the bad for the end of this (sadly there's a lot of bad). TBC is going to be just as fun as we remembered it, the first week is going to be incredible. Everything is going to be new again, the zones, the mobs, the quests, dungeons, raids, PVP, professions, flying mounts, gem slots in gear. There are so many great things introduced during this expansion. The PVP systems in TBC in my opinion is the best PVP system to ever have been introduced to the game and that still holds true through the current expansion Shadowlands. Some of the zones added in TBC are some of the best put into the game specifically Nagrand.

Now TBC classic would have been incredible and probably even better than classic for the reasons above if Blizzard didn't absolutely litter the game with microtransactions and pay-to-win features. Classic wow only exists because players fought for years to get the developers to listen, a now-infamous quote from Wow's executive producer, J. Allen Brack "you think you do but you don't" sounds a little goofy doesn't it? These specific players wanted the Wow they knew and loved free of in-game shops, store mounts, level boosts, etc. So Blizzard launches classic and it's a resounding success bringing Blizzard countless subscriptions and praise from the players for keeping it 99% how it was back in 04. But the year is 2021 and we know what Blizzard is all about now, so they announce paid level boosts into TBC classic. As you could imagine placing pay-to-win options directly into a game that was specifically made to get away from any and all microtransactions did not go over well, at all. However that doesn't stop Blizzard they introduce "The Dark Portal Pass" which comes with all this crap in it for 70$, 2 mounts that are not in original TBC a toy that creates a green flame path behind you a hearthstone dark portal animation as well as the level 58 character boost, and the only thing in here that's decent is the game time.

Blizzard is making it hard to be excited about this launch later today, the level boosts are by far the worst of what they've done, it's going to create more bots selling gold ruining in-game economy's and bots are already a massive problem within the game. MadSeasonShow made an incredible video about the boosts click here to check it out. The cosmetic items could be overlooked if they weren't being put into a "classic" game. Just yesterday I saw a video about classic TBC having a Wow token implemented, a Wow token is game time you can buy with in-game gold retail Wow has had this for years. This is however just a rumor but should not come as a surprise to anybody if they do add this into TBC classic. The reason I am so upset with Blizzard is the classic community is the final lifeline for Wow as a whole and they are just slapping the milk machine on and squeezing every drop possible out of its most hardcore player base. Classic Wow was created to get away from current gaming to escape microtransactions and to play a game as it was 15 years ago. Of course TBC classic is going to be fun for the first week or even the first month but with that said I can't right now see me or my friends staying subbed much past we hit 70. I do not want to support Blizzard anymore after years of terrible decisions and crap in-game shops this is my probably my final round with Wow ever, I can only imagine what WOTLK classic will be plagued with cause it's just going to keep getting worse until there is no one left on the servers. Maybe we'll be able to just buy invincible, or maybe for the low price of 50$, we could just buy a level 80 death knight. With all this said I am hesitantly hopeful for the future of TBC classic, we will be playing on Kirtonos my character's name is Magelli/Palelli if you find yourself on that server say hi.


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