Paging Mr. Howard: A Steel Reign Rant

For almost a month now my good friend Mr. Catelli and I have been having an absolute blast playing Fallout 76 after multiple patches and updates finally made the game what it should have always been. It felt like a night didn't go by where we weren't venturing out into Appalachia seeing what mysteries we might uncover all while Pig Foot Pete blessed the airwaves. While the game wasn't perfect, it certainly blew all of my initial expectations out of the water and a few frustrating bugs and issues were never going to take away from the actual fun multiplayer Fallout experience Bethesda had created. That was all until the fateful evening of July 7th 2021. This was the day that the Steel Reign update was added into the game, introducing the final quest line for the Brotherhood of Steel story line and also adding the legendary modding system into the game. This would all be incredible, expect Bethesda couldn't even push out this update without completely breaking 76 in the process.

The night of July 7th may as well be dubbed the loading screen of death night, because that's what I, and many other vault dwellers playing experienced that night. It was such a shame especially because for the first time I had a small group ready to assault a nuclear launch silo, but with multiple players disconnecting and freezing, it was never meant to be. The issues with Steel Reign don't stop there, resources and materials started disappearing for me and two nights after the update dropped I lost over 1,000 precious bullets for my trusty .50 cal after crashing twice in 30 minutes. It has been 4 days since the crashing incident and that was the last time I played 76.

You might be wondering why does this bother me so much, why does this make me want to calmly walk into Bethesda HQ and demand a meeting with Mr. Howard himself. The truth is, it is because of this very site, GameNut. I have written 3 different articles on Fallout 76 that had nothing but praise for the game, I recommended it multiple times. This is the part that keeps me up at night. If even one person read my article and played 76 because of my words and then experienced the horror I did during Steel Reign's initial launch, I would have personally failed that individual. I never want to speak anything but the truth in my articles and right now it pains me more than ever to say that the truth is...stay away from 76 until Todd gets his damn act together.

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