IGN Writers Find Out They Have Bosses, They Don't Like It! Palestine Controversy

You just can't make things like this up, these people are so not "Game Journalists" anymore you can't help but sit here and laugh at them. In May, IGN published an article headlined "How To Help Palestinian Civilians," which described suffering by Palestinians due to Israeli attacks and then continued to list places you could donate to help Palestine. Why is a video game review site assigning itself to a complex political situation? Nobody knows, but nowadays a lot of "Game Journalists" like to use their platform as a political soapbox and not even talk about video games. Kotaku also made a post supporting Palestine in mid-may. Should we be surprised, however? Kotaku is the same site that published their official PS5 review and complained about Trump and another "old white man sitting behind the desk". Then the reviewer goes onto complain about America's healthcare system, I think this guy might have missed the memo that he was reviewing a Playstation 5!

Not only is it odd that a video game site would take a side in this situation it's made even more awkward because IGN was called out by their sister brand IGN Israel. So eventually the post was edited and then completely removed, this lead to 80+ IGN employees signing an open letter to management demanding they be allowed to write what they please and for content not to be deleted. Can you imagine having a job on a website that you did nothing to create, in the video game industry, where you get to play and review video games for a living, and you really think that you should be able to tell your boss what's going to go on that site? That level of entitlement is unbelievable, I don't know if the IGN writers genuinely believe they should be able to post anything they want or if it was more of a surprise that they have bosses and a public pushback against them.

If you want complete control over something then you need to create it yourself, if you want a site where you can post video game reviews and video game news without having anyone above you then you need to do what we did here at TheGameNut and make your own site. Of course, starting from the ground up is the harder option which is why many people don't do it, but we saw a change that is needed desperately in video game review/video game sites. We can make you a promise that you will never see politics here unless it's us making fun of another site for posting it where it doesn't belong, this is a community-based video game review/video game news site. We're two friends who are sick of things like this coming up on IGN and Kotaku and decided to make our own site where we can post what we want and not have political aspects on our site. If you want actual video game reporting without politics and other nonsense being tossed in, then I welcome you to join us here at TheGameNut!


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