Halo Infinite Multiplayer: All You Need To Know

"We're coming at this with a player-first mentality". If that isn't what you needed to hear from the Halo Infinite developers then I don't know what is. In this almost 13 minute video, we take a deep look into the workings of Halo Infinite multiplayer, and I need to tell you it's about god damn time Halo gets back on top! Not only does it appear the developers are truly passionate about this franchise, but they are doing things that are changing the entire multiplayer genre.

The game will include seasons and a season pass system, items available in the season pass, however, will not be available for purchase in an in-game store. One of the developers specifically stated that there are no random loot boxes, so your rewards will be unlocked by playing the game and earning them, as they should be. Here is the genre-changing mechanic coming to Halo Infinite: once you buy a season pass you have it forever, and when more seasons come out in the future you get to decide which season you want to apply your progression towards, which is an amazing concept! This idea is already so popular many Apex Legends players are already calling on Respawn to implement this into their game. In other games I've played with season passes, once the new season comes out if you didn't get what you wanted in the last season oh well it's gone forever, or you can buy it for $20 in a year. "If you can unlock something in the battle pass we are not going to allow any other players to circumvent that by purchasing it from a storefront". I feel like this is the first game that has ever actually done a battle pass system correctly. It's not purely about making as much money as possible, it's about balancing a rewarding unlock system while treating the players right and allowing them to unlock what they want and when they want it.

Let's get into the meat and bones of actual gameplay, powerups such as camo or overshield are now a usable item. When you pick it up it doesn't automatically activate, and if you die with it unused you will drop it so other players can pick it up. Vehicles can be damaged dynamically now and can affect something like the vehicles handling, for example, losing a wheel will make the vehicle much harder to drive and evade being an easy target. The new vehicle the Razorback looks like one of the personnel carrier warthogs in Halo 3 except now you can put objectives, power weapons, detached turrets, fusion coils, and more into a dedicated hitch on the back of the vehicle and drive around with it. Pelicans now drop off vehicles throughout the map, and weapon pods fall from the sky to restock players randomly.

The academy is a training zone but more than a basic tutorial. They said you will learn the lingo Halo players have been using for over 10 years now, which would be extremely useful to brand new players, assuming there will be some because the multiplayer is now free to play. There is also bot training which is great for someone like me who hasn't played Halo multiplayer seriously since Halo Reach. It's going to take a few days to knock the rust off and get back to dropping overkills, but if it's your first time ever playing Halo then it's a great way to practice before you head into the battlefield.

Armor, vehicles, and even guns are fully customizable to your liking, and you can even update your multiplayer build on the Halo waypoint app. One thing I thought was very cool about the new customization is you can change out whole arms or legs for prosthetic limbs, after all, you are playing a soldier in a warzone so it makes sense. Progression carries over from Xbox to PC, so you can swap back and forth and not lose progress, not sure how many people do that but if you do that's awesome. This is something that I haven't seen anyone else cover but I found to be awesome, in Halo Infinite multiplayer there will be the classic Halo announcer but there will also be what they're calling "personal AI" which is a voice that gives you tips or cues about what happening in-game. For example, if you grab the flag it will alert you and your team. This is the best part, you get to choose your own voice for the personal AI, they are making me feel like Master Chief with Cortana in my head and I love it.

I have to make this its own paragraph because it's too awesome not to. The samurai armor set will be free and an earned unlock in Halo Infinite! That is incredible and I can promise you, you will see Mr Catelli running around the battlefield with this armor. It looks like a direct predecessor to the Hyabusa armor from Halo 3 and I can't express how badass it is.

Everything I've seen, read, and heard about Halo Infinite is exactly what it needed to be. I've had enough of the Mcdonald's kids meal Fortnite being the number one multiplayer game, it's time for the king to reclaim his throne. If you want to join me and FadedKrampus when this game drops this holiday season add me as a friend on Xbox, my Gamertag is Mr Catelli.

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