GTA V Will Now Be Available For 3 Different Generations Of Consoles.

Rockstar has confirmed they will be releasing a remastered next-gen version of GTA V on November 11th, 2021, if you bought every console version of GTA V you would have spent close to $200 on one single game. Lets that sink in for a second, if you bought every version of GTA V for whichever console you play you would have spent nearly half the cost for an X Box Series X on one game. Let's just be honest every new version of GTA V hasn't been worth the price of admission the 360 version of the game compared to the X Box One version of the game is probably the biggest gap in terms of an actual upgrade, but even then trying to load into an online game takes a ridiculous amount of time. I remember getting GTA V for the 360 and playing through the campaign because multiplayer wasn't in the game yet and I will say, the campaign in GTA V is incredibly fun, it's action-packed, the game did a deep-rooted story very well. So if you haven't played the campaign and have a Series X or PS5 when this game drops I would say pick it up and run through the campaign and enjoy yourself.

However, if you have already played GTA V like 99% of us then there's no reason to buy this newest version, and I do imagine most people who had any interest in GTA as a series would've already played this game over the past 8 years. The only people I could see being interested in this newest version of the game are the people who play GTA V solely and live in public lobbies. For example, we have completed every heist that's been introduced to GTA V since the launch of the game on the 360, we even went and completed them again on the X Box One because the game was worth a second playthrough. Well, to be honest, I'm not so sure if the game's content itself is worth a second run or if playing with a group of your friends in an open-world environment is more of the fun. Either way, we enjoyed the content for a second run but a third run there's no chance any of us will be paying for this game again, a release on the new console one time is fine in my opinion because the game looked completely different and ran way smoother but a third release that's just insulting.

The problem is, people are going to buy this game and not even see the issue at hand, no I'm not trying to tell people what to do with their money but by supporting the third release of a game you are directly incentivizing Rockstar to not make a new game and just keep monetizing their current game. I personally would like a GTA 6 to come out sometime this decade, I would love to experience a new world and story created by Rockstar, as much as I don't like their release windows or development process ill admit they can make a damn good game.

If you love GTA V and want to support it then go ahead and buy the game again, if you are anything like us here and don't like modern gaming's approach to monetization and lackluster games then you probably shouldn't buy it.


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