Grand Theft Auto 6 Is Not Releasing Until 2025?

So it turns out GTA 6 isn't releasing until 2025, that's going to be 12 years after GTA V initially launched. That is absolutely disgusting and embarrassing. Rockstar used to be an absolute legend in gaming, now they're referred to as a joke, and for good reason. It is going to take Rockstar 12 years to make a single game! If we look at 2001-2013, which would be their new dev cycle of 12 years, they made well over 45 games including some absolute top-tier titles like Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare, Manhunt, Midnight Club, San Andreas, Max Payne, L.A. Noire, Bully, and GTA IV. Now let's flip it and look at what they've put out Since GTA V released. You get GTA V and it's several re-releases and one other game, Red Dead Redemption 2 and in my unpopular opinion RDR2 was a really damn boring game.

There are several ways you could look at this, (and I feel like I would be misleading or almost lying if I didn't mention), of course, now it takes longer to develop a game than it did in 2004 because everything is so much more advanced. However, with that being said, why on God's green earth would you not start development on GTA 6 the second the new hardware was announced, or hell the second you released GTA V? It doesn't make sense and I think the truth comes down to what we've been saying here for a while, gaming in 2021 is terrible. Instead of companies having to release good finished products, developers can now slap-up completely broken or half-assed games and people will not only buy them still but defend them to death. I think the best modern example of a company just spitting in the face of its players has to be CDPR with Cyberpunk 2077, that game was and still is completely busted. Even if the game came out bug-free, (which hoo-boy it did not), it still would've been at best a 7/10 and people would defend it like it was a 10/10 game.

I don't think it's completely the developer's fault, however. I lay a lot of the blame on players themselves who are the ones defending shit products like Cyberpunk or the people still supporting GTA V by buying shark cards. It's hard to say that however, because if somebody genuinely likes a game that came out buggy and broken, well then it's hard to tell them not to support it. It's very similar to what has happened with Blizzard and more specifically World Of Warcraft. The developers release microtransactions that are designed to make the game easier, and then players buy them so the cycle repeats. Now the players are the ones incentivizing companies to not put as much effort into the initial release of games because the developers know they can just make their money later in the game's life cycle when they introduce cancerous microtransactions. And allow me to give you a little spoiler alert if gaming as a whole continues down the same path of Wow and their monetization tactics, which it is doing, it does not end well.

With this news of GTA 6 coming out in 2025, I'm weirdly met with little to no emotion. FadedKrampus and I always say if you want to show a teaser to a game that's fine to do 1-2 years out. But if you show a gameplay trailer, it needs to be within 2-3 months of its release because otherwise several things are going to happen: I'm going to forget about it and play something else, or I'm just straight up not going to care (like with GTA 6). Ask me in 2024 how I feel about GTA 6 maybe I'll be excited in three years and I hope that I am, but as of now why even mention a date? They might as well have said it's coming in 2040. Who knows, by the time it releases maybe I'll even have a son or daughter to play it with.

-Mr Catelli

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