Far Cry 6 Gameplay Reveal Review

How does a game that has the likes of Giancarlo Esposito aka Gus Fring from Breaking Bad look this bad? Within the first minute of the video, we're shown a crocodile companion that looks like it was rendered for the Gamecube. I hate to come out of the gate hating on this game because Far Cry as a franchise has had some damn good games in it as well as some stinkers but for the most part, they're great. But what the hell is this?! This looks like it should be in a trailer for a game coming out in 2011, not 2021, and especially not from a game that got delayed.

The shooting in Far Crys has never been genre-breaking or anything but they've always been decent and that seems to carry over into the newest game, certain parts did look a bit weird where the player's gun was way above the target and the bullets still hit them. The worst showing of this was at 6:30 into the video with the throwing knives, the player was not remotely close to aiming at the NPC's head and both times the knives curved like Wanted bullets and nailed the enemies right in the head. The scene at 1:07 which has the player standing 10 feet away from 5 enemies and opening fire is insane they chose to include that in their gameplay reveal. The player starts unloading on 5 enemies and only 2 of them shoot back and only one of the AI even move, one enemy puts down a deployable shield of sort and the other 3 just stand there like nothings happening. Throughout the reveal, there are several moments where the AI either are missing shots from 3 feet away or are just actually not shooting back.

Possibly the fatal error for what we've seen from this game is its direction, things like graphics can be improved, the AI hopefully will be fixed by launch. But they couldn't have cut this video more confusingly, in 1 minute in the video we see a CD launcher weapon out of Sunset Overdrive, an awesome mortar backpack then it cuts to a serious moment with the main villain, and then you're using a dog in a wheelchair to distract enemies not to mention you can control a crocodile as a companion which was fine in Far Cry Primal where you had a backstory as to why you could control animals, but in this, it makes no sense. Which is it a serious story-driven game or a goofy shoot-em-up type game with fun wacky weapons? It looked like Far Cry, Dead Rising, and Sunset Overdrive got together made a baby and this was the result.

Overall the gameplay reveal confused me more than anything. The graphics from far away even leave something to be desired compared to games coming out today, up close the graphics look horrendous, and hopefully this is an early rendering of the game because hoo-boy they are stinky. The story seems like it's going to be an afterthought which is such a shame because they have Giancarlo Esposito who is an incredible actor/voice actor. The gameplay looks about on par with Far Cry 5, it doesn't seem to have advanced but also doesn't seem to have gone backwards like the visuals somehow did. For a game that got delayed 8 months and is coming October 7th, Ubisoft seems to still have its work cut out for them, this game needs a lot of work yet.

I spotted one easter egg in the video it was this Vaas statue towards the end of the trailer on the dash of the car.

To watch the Gamespot Gameplay Reveal click here


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