Fallout 76 Recruitment Blues Quest/Achievements Are Still Bugged!

After this newest update to Fallout 76 I was hoping it would've fixed the bug where I am not eligible for the quest Recruitment Blues, but it didn't. If anything this update just made things even worse for the game from server issues, to C.A.M.P. bugs, to weapons disappearing, and more. I just wanted Bethesda to fix this one single questline bug and they didn't. I wouldn't care about this quest if it wasn't attached to two achievements, since I can't get the quest I can never perfect Fallout 76. I've read on various forums that there's no real fix to the bug besides creating another character which I might have to do.

If you're reading this and know any fix or can help me out in any way please let me know in the comments below! Since it's clear Bethesda isn't going to fix anything I need to rely on the amazing community that Fallout 76 has!

-Mr Catelli

My Gamertag Is Also Mr Catelli if you wanna play 76 add me and let's launch some nukes.

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