Fallout 76 In 2021 Is Fantastic

If you played this game back in 2018 like I did and you haven't touched it since then you probably just read the title of this article and scoffed, and I can't blame you. When Fallout 76 initially launched I remember going to Gamestop and picking up the $80 tricentennial edition of the game and speeding home to play. When I first stepped foot into Appalachia I was met with well nothing, there was literally nothing to do in the game. The main quest of the game at launch is now a side quest that you don't even need to do. When the game launched the only NPC's were Mr.Handy's and only a few of them, now it's a full-blown Fallout game that we love and hope you will try too.

Bethesda easily could've tucked their tail between their legs and left this game to rot as the failure it once was, but they didn't, they did the honorable thing and completely overhauled the game and genuinely made one of the best Fallouts I've played. From the main questline, which is actually interesting and very timely with the scorch virus to the additions they've added to the franchise from this game, it's just really damn good. Be it the new S.P.E.C.I.A.L system to the ridiculous amount of crafting you can do or the vast variety of enemies, this game took both me and FadedKrampus by storm. When I took my first step back into Appalachia I expected us to play for a few days at most, that was two weeks ago, and we're still playing daily. It doesn't seem like we're the only people to be heading back into the world of Fallout 76 as every world we've been in is packed full of people, any given world has about 15x the number of players we had on our Classic WoW TBC server. Not only is it surprising to see so many players on this game but every single interaction I've had with them has been amazing. Especially one.

Allow me to tell you a little story, two days ago I was flying through the main questline and before I knew it it had been 8 hours straight of gameplay and I found myself with little to no ammo and absolutely zero stimpacks. I was pretty screwed except I had stacked some of my S.P.E.C.I.A.L into strength for two-handed melee weapons so I broke out my pitchfork and ate a lot of canned dog food and pushed on. Fast forward to fighting a deathclaw, a legendary mirelurk king, and a diseased wendigo, it was safe to say I was completely out of supplies and pretty much screwed. Or so I thought, I fast traveled back to my camp and near me was a level 400, so I did what any low-level player does when they see a god roll by them in full Nuka cola power armor, I begged for some supplies. All I asked for were some stimpacks and shotgun shells, you know what they gave me in return? This legend of a player dropped 1500 shotgun shells, 30 stimpacks, and 40 super stimpacks. I was blown away and couldn't believe my eyes. After picking all that up they told me to follow them so I do, what happens next damn near brought a tear to my eye. They crafted me two suppressed weapons two full sets of BOS armor and dropped me a small militia's worth of ammo, and do you know what they said they wanted in return? A very simple message, "Help others if they need it as I did for you". I felt like I just met the Fallout 76 version of Jesus himself, this player blessed me with gear and armor that I'll never scrap away, that gear will stay in my stash until the fateful day Bethesda shuts down the Fallout 76 servers.

If you stripped away any of the multiplayer aspects to this game and told me it was Fallout 5, I would 100% believe you without any doubt. The game is fantastic and those player-to-player interactions are the cherry on top. Do yourself a favor and play this game now, it's getting some pretty sizeable expansions in the near future so get into Appalachia and start enjoying what I'm calling a top-tier game. Depending on how Halo Infinite and Back 4 Blood are when they drop later this year, Fallout 76 could be my personal favorite game of the year. Later this week keep an eye out for a full breakdown on why Fallout 76 is not only an MMO but possibly the best one out there right now.

If you play Fallout 76 on X Box add me and let's take down the scorchbeast queen together!

-Mr Catelli (yes this is my Gamertag)

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