Elden Ring Gameplay Trailer Review

It's about damn time we get anything from this game, with the likes of George R. R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki the director of From Software's most recent game Sekiro it's safe to have some hype surrounding this game. That however does not mean that the trailer was perfect. Throughout this article, I'm going to break down all the good, the bad, and the interesting moments showed from this most recent trailer, which you can click here to watch now.

Right away we're shown our mount, a summonable horse/bull creature which is a fantastic addition especially because this is going to be a more open-world game as compared to the very linear worlds of dark souls in the past. It feels wrong to say this but the story from what little information we've gotten seems very generic and boring, to paraphrase, this woman says the world is out of balance and we need you to wear this ring and restore order. That's like generic video game storyline #2, it's not creative nor is it imaginative, and coming from George R. R. Martin himself that's severely disappointing. With Dark Souls games in the past, what little story there was made absolutely no difference to the game because the combat and difficulty in the game was the story more or less, in this game if the combat isn't as slow and methodical as older Dark Souls games and the story is weak then that's a recipe for a pretty boring game. Do, however, keep in mind this is the first real trailer we've gotten for this game and it didn't go into much detail about the storyline so hopefully, I'm completely wrong and there is a deep-rooted story with as much detailing as we would expect from the creator of Game Of Thrones.

This trailer has the perfect audio to go with it, the music fits perfectly into epic moments, the sounds fit so beautifully well, it's close to if not perfection. From the noises of one of the bigger creatures stomping down with house-shaking bass, or the sound of the chains rattling and wood creaking while two giants pull a cart along, it seems whoever they have on the audio team creating this game knows how to do their job very well. This is one of the most important aspects of immersion in a game like Dark Souls. From Software's games of the past captured the audio pretty well and it seems they took it another step further with this one.

Let's talk about the combat shown in this game so far, I feel it borrowed a lot more from Sekiro than it did Dark Souls, and again for me, that is not a good thing. I never finished Sekiro, besides having buggy hitboxes and mechanics, (yes I'm looking at you Chained Ogre), the combat was frustrating and I felt I was being held back for no reason, for me, the game just didn't feel good, the movement and verticality introduced to the franchise in that game felt great but the combat left a lot to be desired. The trailer also showed us that there will be horseback combat which from experience is either flawless and flushed out or horrendous and buggy, I'm thinking of games like The Witcher 3 which did it very well, and something like Red Dead Redemption 2 where it felt like my horse had ice skates on the entire game. From the footage shown it seems the boss fights will have multiple mechanics or maybe even stages, from a dragon spewing fire and throwing down a red lightning bolt to the badass redhead woman throwing a man 15 feet into the air and spearing him, the fights seem like they are going to deliver a lot of variety and a large pool of mechanics.

Now it's time to talk about the bad or the confusing let's call it. Instantly its apparent graphics are outdated looking to put it kindly, if I had never heard of Elden Ring and someone showed me the trailer this and said look a new Dark Souls 3 DLC is coming out, I would 100% believe them. The other sticking point that I can't get over is the story as I mentioned earlier, it seems generic and boring. If this game is going to be story-driven then it needs some in-depth creativity behind it, do keep in mind this is the first trailer that showed anything and I hope I am completely wrong, and when this game drops I pray it has one of the best fleshed out storylines in all of gaming but as of right now I'm a bit hesitant.

Here is the biggest warning I want to give, in the comments section of the trailer I saw several people saying this game is going to be an instant game of the year, or this is the game of the decade. If you haven't learned anything by recent games having long dev cycles and coming out like steamy garbage (Cyberpunk 2077, Mass Effect Andromeda), then there's no helping you. But for everyone else, reel in your expectations a little bit. I'm not saying I expect this game to be bad or that I want this game to be bad, I hope this is a top 10 and I hope this game can be game of the year in 2022. I just set my expectations to be realistic, and I think you should too. This game has a massive amount of hype around it, which is awesome, and we should all be excited about new video games. Just don't build the hype so much that the game will never have a chance at meeting those expectations.


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