Dying Light – Hellraid, Techland is taking this year by storm!

Techland has been working hard while some other companies have been taking it easy, Hellraid was released in the summer of 2020 and now is getting a rework and a full story. If you had no idea what Hellraid was or that it even existed until a few days ago like me it's a DLC for Dying Light where players leave behind zombies and enter a fantasy dungeon world, instead of killing zombies, you fight skeleton knights and ghouls. From what I've read not playing it myself it seemed that it was a bit lackluster and didn't have much direction or purpose, yet delivering a fun different style of game from techland, it seemed to be well-received but with its faults. Well, Techland isn't going to sit idle while people say the DLC has no direction so boom, they slapped a full story into it as well as changed up some lighting and added new items. The DLC was released at $9.99 and this newest update is completely free, we need more companies making games like Techland!

Dying Light released in 2015 and has gotten consistent love and support through today in 2021, they released a DLC that was received well but didn't earn an above-average reaction so instead of slapping microtransactions into it and trying to milk every penny they could out of it they took and reworked the graphics, put a full story in the game, and all of this for free to us players! Techland seems to be a beacon of light in this video game world in which skies are covered in battle passes and microtransactions, they took their product and made it better all at no expense to the players. Here's the biggest kicker to all this as if what they've done isn't already good enough, they did this while developing Dying Light 2, the direct sequel to Dying Light it just goes to show there are still some good video game developers out there. Putting in extra work for past games to make sure they succeed and not just focusing on the next project and leaving games of yesterday to die.

I had never heard of Dying Light Hellraid before yesterday but now I think I gotta go download it and try it out myself!

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