Dying Light 2 Stay Human Official Gameplay Review

Now, this is how you do a gameplay reveal, Techland did an incredible job with this trailer. The video starts with a narrator giving you all the information you want to know, it tells you who you are what your backstory is and the people you'll meet and fight along the journey. We'll be playing as Aiden Caldwell a man trying to figure out his mysterious past, later in the video, it's shown that we as the main character are infected and have to find medicine to not turn into one of the undead. The video then directly goes into the city the setting for the game with the zombies and the factions you will be fighting or helping. The game introduces 3 main factions the Survivors, the Peacekeepers, and the Renegades. Right away I connected the factions in this game to factions from fallout 4 the Survivors seem like the Minutemen, ready to help others and trying to advance society. The Peacekeepers remind me of the Brotherhood Of Steel, seeking a path of rule and order at any means necessary. Then there are the Renegades who come off like the Bandits, they just want to loot murder, and control whatever they can and do so with anarchy. The video also made it clear there are faction-specific characters and hinted at possible different tools/weapons you can use depending on which faction you go with. With the introduction of the different factions, it's making me hope there are at least 3 different endings each in respect to the faction you decide to help.

The gameplay shown looks perfect, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary or anything that stood out as bad or even sub-par. While the graphics don't look like anything special, it looks fine, it looks like what I would expect a living moving open-world game to look like in 2021 unlike the graphics from the Far Cry 6 gameplay reveal which I reviewed just yesterday you can read that here. The melee combat reminds me of the Condemned series, especially when fighting against other humans. It seems they recreated the dismemberment to be just as good if not better than the first game, not only did it look good it also seemed like it could be used as a tactical decision in fights, say you get surrounded by 5 zombies and don't have time or room to fight them all just hack a few legs off and hop over the crawlers.

I think this game is going to shine once the sun sets, we're told that the zombies have been evolving for 15 years, not only are there regular zombies we got fast ones called virals, a zombie with spider legs on his back, one beefy hammer-wielding zombie, a witch-like zombie from Left 4 Dead and a nasty chest splitter zombie, as well as some others, are shown in the trailer. This game at night with headphones on is going to be one that's gonna make me freaking out while moving from building to building. Imagine turning into a long apartment building hallway and big boy busts down a door, or you see the knife finger witch zombie hauling straight at you.

When it comes to zombies in video games, they usually make the same few noises, however, just like in the first Dying Light where certain zombies could actually speak a little bit, which was terrifying, by the way, Dying Light 2 also seems to have nailed the zombie noises from the slow walking ones making weird freaky noises to the crab mouth zombie screaming in your face, they just got it perfect again.

The parkour which is a huge aspect of this game looked great, it didn't look janky and hard to use or buggy in any way, the first game had its parkour system pretty much dialed in and it seems they did it again. Not only at night will the game be 10x scarier, now we have reason to enter their dens at night to search for loot stashes holding some of the game's most powerful gear and weapons. Towards the end of the trailer, the announcer tells that there are many ways to play this game hinting at different combat trees of which hopefully have skill points as you progress you unlock and pick different abilities depending on how you decide to play the game, will you be sneaky and stealthy or dump all your points into melee damage and go rock some heads at night, it's up to us and that's incredible.

December 7th is the day this game comes out and I can not wait for that day to come, this game looks fantastic if it's anything like the first one with graphical improvements and deeper systems into talent trees and stories then this game is going to knock it out of the park. I think it's safe to say without question this game is going to be a contender for game of the year, which is a bold statement considering its competition coming later this year.


Click here to watch the Dying Light 2 Official Gameplay Trailer on Youtube.

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