Dead Space Remake Is Confirmed!

Just over an hour ago at EA Play Live, we got our first look and an official announcement for the much desired Dead Space Remake. You can watch the minute-long trailer here. There is not much info about this besides it being a complete remake, not just an upgrade to graphics, as well as it only being available on next-gen consoles and PC. The EA Motive studio is reportedly starting from scratch and recreating the entire game. This game was originally released back in 2008 and it was easily a 9/10 game, introducing graphics and audio design from 13 years later is going to make it incredible and even more terrifying. There is no release date or even a release window for the remake yet, when more information is released you can expect to see it here. This is one we're going to be watching very closely and can't wait for!

-Mr Catelli

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