Cyberpunk Is Back On The PlayStation Store: They Tell You Not To Buy It!

It has been 186 days since Cyberpunk was removed from the PlayStation store and now it's back, but with a warning not only from Sony themselves but also from the developers of the game! There are so many issues with this I'm not sure where to begin, not only is a broken-ass game being released on any platform, but Sony themselves are telling you not to buy it on the PS4. If they know and acknowledge that it's trash, why are they allowing it on their store? Well, it's clear Sony has absolutely zero standards as to what people can slap up on their store and call a "video game" as long as people are willing to shell out coin. As well as CDPR clearly not actually giving a shit about players in any way, the game is completely broken and still unplayable. Even on now current-gen consoles and high-end PC's the game is ridden with bugs, if you want to watch a hilarious video from Mitten Squad on Youtube trying to beat the game without running into a single bug check it out here (spoiler alert, you can't).

It deeply saddens me to see the company that produced arguably one of the best video games ever in the Witcher 3 are now creating games like this. Cyberpunk is not only an embarrassment to the company, it was also a massive financial failure, Screenrant reported that the company had lost 1 billion dollars from the start of development to the release of this game. All I can say is I hope this game gets completely deleted from any kind of older hardware, and it honestly should probably be removed from newer hardware too. If there is any positive side to this whole scenario, I hope that other companies releasing a game look at what CDPR did and decide to do the complete opposite. Regardless of what platform you play on, this one should be avoided not only because of its horrendous gameplay/bugs but the practices behind this game should be openly opposed and boycotted to show we as gamers won't pay for half-finished games anymore.

-Mr Catelli

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