Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Mauer der Toten Review

As a massive Cod zombies fan every time there is a new map, especially a free one, I re-download the game and try it out, and every time I'm met with the same disappointment. Turns out this one is no different, and actually is the fastest zombies map I ever gave up on. I expected this review to take a good bit of time but surprisingly it's going to be rather quick. I played on an X Box Series X and got to round 23 before I decided to leave the game.

This newest zombies map includes only two new items, a new wonder weapon which is called the CRBR-S, and the LT53 Kazimir grenade. The new CRBR-S is similar to most wonder weapons that we've seen before. To me, it felt like a ray gun that got a new name and a different model put over it. The Kazimir grenade is a direct copy of the Gersh Device from 10 years ago when it was introduced in the Cod Black Ops Ascension zombie map. That however is not the only thing they directly copied and put into this new map.

Let's talk specifically about the actual map, it is the exact same map as the campaign mission Redlight Greenlight. I can't look past one of the biggest game developers in the damn world reusing assets in a different game mode and calling it new. Yes, the area is expanded and there are some new parts such as the insides of some of the buildings. However half of the map is a direct re-skin from the campaign as are some of the rooftops and the train tracks, they are all directly taken from the campaign.

I want to take this section of the review and talk about the positive things I did like about the map. I think the night setting of a zombie's map is cool as it makes it feel unique. Well, that's it, time for the negative stuff and damn is there a lot.

It's boring, it is so god damn boring I was ready to stop playing at round 6, the pack a punch machine was just readily available, almost every single room or area I was in was easily big enough to train zombies, the guns are the exact same besides one weapon, the zombies are still braindead and provide no challenge, and then they try to make it hard by throwing a random zombie robot with a flamethrower at you, which you might think could be tough until a teammate just pops ring of fire and you all melt him down in three seconds. This one made me just plain and simple angry seeing it, I load into the map for the first time and there's a laser beam floating in the middle of the map (screenshotted below) which stayed there for 23 more rounds. I wish I could say that was the only bug I encountered, but that would be a lie. I randomly got stuck on the road near the pack a punch machine and couldn't move, I saw zombies completely freeze for a couple of seconds before moving again. But the worst bug that didn't happen to me but I've seen in several videos is the ground goes invisible sometimes, and you can walk, run, shoot on it and zombies are charging on it but you can't see the floor. Cod zombies has completely lost its appeal and the beautiful style that it had years ago.

Perhaps the biggest sin of this map, even worse than everything I typed out above, is the fact that their stupid long easter egg doesn't even have a damn achievement tied to it! I think whoever is making these new zombies maps needs to have their heads pulled out of their own asses and be slapped across the face, then fired. Maybe if they took 10% of the time and effort they put into their stupid easter eggs and actually applied that to the map and game it wouldn't come out completely bugged and boring as hell.

I would rather try and play Cyberpunk 2077 than sit through one more round of that horrendous zombie's map. Maybe soon they will recapture the allure that the old zombie's maps had but I highly doubt it, they're too damn comfortable making mediocre updates and raking in the money from it. I know nothing will change with Activision and I don't expect it to but a man can have hope right? If you were on the fence about trying this one, even though it's a free update I have to tell you it is not worth your time.

-Mr Catelli

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