Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer: Thoughts and Expectations

After two games that took place over fifty years in the past, the Battlefield series is finally making a glorious return back to the setting of modern warfare, with a somewhat futuristic twist. While I would describe the trailer as chaotic from start to finish, it was chaotic in a way that only Battlefield can pull off. Unlike previous games in the series, this trailer failed to show much of anything that could be related to a possible single-player aspect of the game, and I honestly could not be happier. As someone who loves story-driven games and experiences, I can say with 100% confidence that Battlefield just needs to leave that entire aspect behind and nobody would miss it. Battlefield is and will always be about the multiplayer experience, this trailer shows that off better than I could ever explain it, any story they put out at this point would just be a lackluster afterthought compared to the multiplayer.

Throughout the five minute trailer we get treated to different set pieces of action playing out across different maps showing the large-scale warfare and destruction that Battlefield is known for. Like I mentioned before, there is no story of any kind playing out here, just a trailer showing off what the game does best while announcing the return of Battlefield. I genuinely respect this approach immensely, while it might not be the most thought provoking trailer or one that sticks with you, unlike 99% of the garbage game trailers we see today at least Battlefield is showing you what you get, metaphorically speaking of course. The actual gameplay reveal, which is infinitely more important, will not be released until June 13th so I do want to be cautious and reserve my full judgement until then.

More than anything I'm just ecstatic that Battlefield is making the transition back to modern games. As someone who loved BF3, BF4 and the Battlefield Bad Company games, departing from the World War I and II games is a decision I think is right for the series. I actually liked BF1 quite a bit and it was an insanely fun game to squad up on with your friends, but the pacing just felt off, it didn't feel like what a BF game should play like despite having all the core mechanics in place. In all honesty, I never even played Battlefield 5 outside of the beta which was a buggy mess, and the gameplay seemed identical to BF1 so I didn't even bother. Also when Battlefield 5 was first announced it stirred up quite a bit of controversy for having both women and paraplegics running around on the front lines of WWII so I was delighted to see a trailer from Dice that focused on getting the players excited for the new Battlefield instead of upsetting them by tossing around political messages at the sake of historical inaccuracy.

The final part of the trailer, and my favorite, I wanted to save for last. Towards the end of the trailer we see a giant tornado like storm surging with electricity that is slowly destroying everything in its path of destruction. Now I could be completely incorrect but I feel like I've played enough PUBG, Fortnite and Warzone to know the gas when I see it! If this is truly hinting at a Battle Royale mode then my excitement for Battlefield would be even higher. I personally am not even the biggest fan of BR's but I am a fan of Battlefield and just like with something similar such as Halo, these games have what I feel like is a huge untapped potential to take advantage of this mode due to their inherently larger maps and engaging vehicle combat. I know BF5 had a BR mode called firestorm, but it was introduced into the game well after launch when the majority of the player base was already gone and never got the chance to take off. My expectation with Battlefield 2042 is that if the developers do intend to implement a BR, which I think they would be crazy not to, it has to be in the game at launch, no exceptions. Right now Fortnite is basically like going to the playpen at McDonald's so the only alternative for a BR is Warzone, and if you've had the displeasure of playing that game I think you would agree with me that both a good Battlefield game and BR mode could save multiplayer gaming right now.

If you want to watch the Battlefield 2042 trailer for yourself, check it out here

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