Battlefield 2042: New Details and Why I'm Skeptical

If you've read any of the articles I already published for Battlefield 2042 then you would know that I was beyond excited with both the reveal and gameplay trailer. Since the gameplay reveal on June 13th, we've actually gotten quite a bit of new information from Dice regarding 2042 and I'm going to keep it 100% real with you and just say I am a lot less excited for this game than I originally was. Here are some of the new details and things we learned about the game.

1. No single player campaign confirmed.

2. No battle royale mode planned at this time.

3. Confirmed battle pass with free and "premium" option.

4. 128 player maps (only on PC and current gen).

5. A specialist system that is new to the series is being introduced.

The first thing I want to address on that list is the lack of a single player campaign. In my article that covered the reveal trailer, I explicitly remarked that it was time for Battlefield to leave their half-assed single player campaigns in the past so I won't be a hypocrite now and cause an outcry when they actually took it out. While I know some people might feel that a $70 game with no campaign is a rip-off, as long as the core gameplay and multiplayer work like they should then I would simply disagree and say that it just isn't relevant for a multiplayer focused game like Battlefield.

Next I want to discuss the decision to not include a battle royale mode. Honestly, why? What is the reasoning? I know BR's aren't for everyone and I'm not going to sit here and act like there aren't already a dozen out there but I was so hyped for the possibility of a Battlefield BR because the ones that are out there suck! What am I supposed to do, go back to Call of Duty Warzone? I value the twelve brain cells I have left so I promise you that will not happen, but I just simply don't have anything else to say about this decision by Dice other than I truly don't understand the reasoning. Hopefully 343 Industries can get the job done in this department with Halo Infinite coming up considering Dice seems to be leaving this one on the table.

Sadly I don't even have much to say about the inclusion of a battle pass other than I'm not surprised. It seems like a game literally isn't allowed to release in 2021 without one so I won't even waste the energy. According to Dice the "premium" version only gives players access to cosmetic content and no items will ever be of a pay to win nature. This is how it always should be in my opinion if a game has a battle pass so I'm not going to complain much here.

Battlefield does all-out warfare best so it's awesome to see that we're going to be able to play on 128 player maps, two teams of 64 on each side, at least in conquest mode. One important note if you are a PS4 or XB1 player, these maps will be a reduced size on those consoles and the full 128 player maps are only available on current-gen platforms and PC. While I understand this can be disappointing for some players, we are talking about hardware that is almost ten years old so I really can't blame Dice too much on this one, especially with how intense the game is graphically.

The last piece of information, and the one that has me the most skeptical, is the newly introduced specialist system to the series. The game will still feature the classic assault, recon, support, and engineer classes however these new specialists will be one of these classes by default, in addition to having their own unique specialty and trait. The best comparison I can make is imagine the operators from Rainbow Six Siege. Only this isn't Siege, this is Battlefield and I'm just going to be honest with you, I detest this change. Why does every single game need to do something that has already been done? I wanted to play Battlefield, not a character shooter like Overwatch, Siege or Valorant. Battlefield is its own game or at least it was. It simply lost its identity for a few years while it was preoccupied with copying Call of Duty by going back to World War shooters but Battlefield 2042 was supposed to be the long-awaited return! Now we have specialists running around doing lord knows what and quite frankly I'm not sure I want any part of it!

I hope Battlefield is good when it comes out I really do. I don't want to just hate on the game and I certainly do not wish for it to be a stinker when it releases, we have enough of those already, I just don't understand why certain things need to be changed. I went from being 10 outta 10 levels of excited for this game to a lukewarm 6/10 and I truly regret ever writing home to mama in the first place thinking this game would be an angel among the devils of 2021 like Fortnite and Warzone. No battle royale, premium battle passes with "only" cosmetics (you might trust Dice but don't forget about the long arm of EA) and the new specialists just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I still think the game could be incredible when it comes out, but if Dice pulls a fast one and dishes out anything less than savory, it'll get the full smack down here on GameNut.

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