Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Trailer: The Return of The King

Oh YESSIR now this is how you get people excited for your game! No nonsense, no bullshit, just Battlefield. I felt like I was back in 2013 watching the original Battlefield 4 multiplayer launch trailer and man oh man do I gotta tell you brother it feels good! For too long I've felt like the biggest boomer in the gaming world, nothing has appealed to me for years outside of a select few games I've bought since 2019 like Sekiro, Metro Exodus, and Resident Evil 3. That's 3 games...3. Remember in the 360 days when you would have to buy 3 games a month because banger after banger was being released by developers and publishers who actually gave two shits about their game? I always thought, hmm, maybe it was just me, maybe I'm just out of touch with what gamers in 2021 want, but no longer! After watching the Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer I legitimately cannot wait for October 22nd! Just five days ago we were treated to the official reveal trailer and just four days later Dice dropped the actual gameplay trailer and I haven't seen the Battlefield community this excited since BF4. The gameplay shown was pre-alpha footage but I legitimately wouldn't be surprised if the game was ready for launch considering how spectacular it looked. There's really nothing else to say other than this was honestly the reveal trailer all over again, that same chaos and destruction battlefield does best, but with actual gameplay! If you have played BF4 picture that but next-gen, Dice is finally giving the Battlefield community what they've wanted for years. Additionally, the way Dice has handled the roll out of 2042 couldn't have been better in my opinion. They didn't introduce the game and then make you wait month after month for an actual preview of the gameplay, they released it within a week! Dice does not seem to be letting up on the momentum anytime soon either, at the end of the gameplay trailer we see a teaser date of July 22nd for even more content. I'm not sure what this could be, maybe just an in-depth look at extended gameplay, but either way we'll be checking it out and discussing it here on GameNut. If you haven't seen the gameplay reveal yet, which is unlikely with the video sitting at five million views and #2 on trending, then stop doing yourself dirty and watch it here.

If you're anything like me and have been disgusted with the state of multiplayer gaming over the past few years then I think we can both agree that Battlefield 2042 finally seems to be that shining beacon of hope in the darkness. I want Battlefield to succeed, I sincerely do. I am long tired of developers putting out games with the mentality of sell now patch later. If you tried to pull this back in the 360 days your company would go under. The problem right now is competition, or the lack thereof. For the 4-11 year old age range Fortnite has the game on lock, leaving only Warzone as the dominant multiplayer FPS for people like me who don't feel like playing a game where your opponent can build a three story building in seven seconds. So how does COD handle being in this advantageous position, do they put out a quality product that keeps you coming back for more? No sir, they create a BR experience with stopping power, dead silence, overpowered cargo trucks and lobbies where 112 out of the 150 players will sit upstairs in a dark corner for 90% of the game and go unpunished all the way to victory. While it is certainly a mess it is also their cash cow, so that will never change. I almost don't blame them, why actually spend time and resources to fix your game when you can throw a PS3 rendered Rambo skin in the store for 20 dollars knowing that people will buy it up like candy. I want the circus act that runs Raven Studios to see Warzone fail in front of their eyes and god as my witness I want Battlefield 2042 to be the one that puts old yeller down. I could not be more excited for October 22nd. I'll see you all on the Battlefield.

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