All Summer Games Fest 2021 Game Announcements

Buckle up this is a long one.

The first game shown is from Gearbox and 2k and that is Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, coming early 2022. During the interview, we're told it's not a borderlands game and it's going to have some different mechanics to it, such as spell casting. To be honest, it looks just like a borderlands game, my only hope is it draws more inspiration for Borderlands 1&2 and not from Borderlands 3. You can check out their website for this game here.

Next, is Metal Slug Tactics, which is a PC-only grid-based tactical strategy game. Personally, I have no interest in this kind of game so for me, it's a pass, but if you're into games similar to XCOM then maybe check it out. However I will say the music selected for the trailer made it feel like the 90's again, the music was a perfect fit for this style of game.

We then got to see Norman Reedus tease the Metal Gear Solid Box gimmick, the full reveal of this game is just weeks away. As someone who doesn't have a PS5 and certainly wouldn't play a FedEx simulator this one is an easy skip.

The dinosaur Sims game gets a sequel, if you enjoyed the first one then you should be hyped. Don't know what else to say this game does nothing for me.

This next one got a really cool introduction through a music video, Sable, releasing on Sept 23 2021 seems like an acid trip meets a walking simulator. Pretty and certainly a different art style to most other games, but seems empty.

Now we're getting somewhere, the next title shown is Lostark which looks like Diablo 3 and FFXIV had a baby. I'm not sure if it's a top-down game like Diablo or if it's an MMO or maybe it's both it wasn't made apparent one way or the other, either way, this one looks promising but with Amazon Game Studios at the helm, I'm going to be very cautious with my optimism.

Cod Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 4 is up next and it's what you would imagine more maps, weapons, game modes, and a new zombies map in a zoo with a dragon and a giant? I wish I was kidding. At least it's a free update and coming next week.

Among us is getting a huge update, with new maps, game modes, visor cosmetics, new roles, colors & skins, and the big one achievements! I love this game and am very excited to play it on X Box later in 2021.

Chicory a colorful tale launched exclusively on Sony platforms with its announcement which is pretty cool. You can have this one Sony, we're good.

Another Sony exclusive, Salt & Sacrifice is a souls-like co-op 2d sider scroller RPG. If you like those things then you should be excited otherwise I wouldn't be afraid to miss it.

Hit a pretty rough streak here. Next, we got Solar Ash which looks like a rollerskating Zelda-type game? I really don't know how to describe what I saw cause it was just someone hitting some poles then killing a large bird by kicking it.

Chivalry 2 introduces 64 player battles, 64 players controlling knights with hammers, maces, axes, and swords? Sign me the hell up, in the trailer we see a guy get his arm cut off and keep fighting and somebody throws a head at his enemy, this game looks awesome. This one was the first game so far that made me want to play it right away.

We then get to see Escape From Tarkov, which if it was on console I think it would quickly become one of my favorites but it being on pc means sadly, this is a skip.

A college simulator MMO with Toontown graphics, easy pass.

Another Left 4 Dead-style game yessir! I am all about this style of game in my opinion it's the peak fun of gaming. Left 4 Dead but on a spaceship in the '70s with aliens and it's coming to Game Pass day 1, this game is checking a lot of the boxes for me. The only downside for me personally is the graphics, I'm just not a fan of that style. You can expect a full game review for this game to be up when this game launches in the fall of 2021.

This next one seems really interesting, it looks like Prototype and Saints Row to me for some reason. If this one is a PC exclusive that would suck, I'm going to sign up for the closed alpha to try and get an article about this game out on the site later in 2021.

As someone who doesn't like horror games, this is going to be a skip for me, however, if you like horror games I don't think this setting of Iraq ever been done before in the horror game genre so that's new, at least it's not in a "haunted mansion" like 90% of other games in this genre.

The JRPG Tales of Arise seems to fit a niche genre of gamers and if you enjoy JRPG's then this should tickle your fancy. I don't have too much to say as I'm not a fan of the genre, and it wouldn't be fair for me to critique it.

A style of game we don't see often is one that follows the path of Limbo, but Planet Of Lana seems to capture that side-scrolling style very well. I'm not usually one for these kinds of games but I'm looking forward to this one in 2022.

Overwatch 2, eh. DLC being sold as a brand new game, easy pass.

Oh yes, this one made me so fricken hyped for this game. It wasn't a trailer like you'd expect it was gameplay with Geoff Keighley, Jeff Hattem the game's developer, Hannibal Buress, and WWE Superstar Ember Moon. The fight shown is with an enemy named "The Chef" I can't emphasize how excited I am for this game, please do yourself a favor and check it out here.

Having never seen or heard of this game before, I was instantly interested in it, it appeared as a Pokemon/Digimon/Monster Hunter hybrid. And seeing as it's the second game in the series that means I might just have to go play the first real soon.

This one felt a little generic to me, it's just a co-op thumbstick shooter we've got enough of those, this did little for me.

This one right here is easily my most anticipated game for all of 2021, if this game flops due to its microtransactions I am going to be livid. You can expect a full review and probably several separate articles on Back 4 Blood.

"A tiny fox in a big world" more like another "stylized" game in a diluted genre. This one will be an easy pass for me.

It hurts to admit but I'm jealous Sony got this one to be exclusive, this game seems like it'll be a lot of fun to play with friends. Looks like a mix of Diablo and Valheim which sounds incredible.

The Evil Dead: The Game (terrible name), looks very similar to any game in the Dead By Daylight genre, but if you like those then another isn't a bad thing.

The long-awaited trailer for Elden Ring has finally been shown, I wrote an entire review just yesterday about this trailer, click here to check it out.

Overall the games shown during The Summer Games Fest 2021 was for me pretty much a direct 50/50, of course, as usual, there are going to be filler games and I mean no disrespect by that but not every game is going to be Elden Ring or Back 4 Blood. The next 2 years seem to have a pretty decent lineup of games coming let's just keep our fingers crossed.


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