2021 Battle.net Summer Sale Is Embarrassing

If you log into the Battle.net launcher you're slapped in the face with a colorful banner promoting Blizzard's own version of the Steam Summer Sale. I originally wanted to write this article and sort between the good deals and the bad deals but after going through it I found one, yes one item that is worth the discount. That one single item in their entire catalog being Starcraft Remastered, with it being 50% off only costing $7.49, you can't go wrong with the classic. Everything else is either a discount on their microtransactions or games that are too old and bad to even be asking for the discounted price.

Do you like Call Of Duty? Well, how about COD Black Ops 4, a game that came out in 2018 and doesn't even include a campaign for the "low" price of $20. COD, not your speed? Maybe you're more of a Diablo fan, well for the price of $31.49 you can get the Diablo 3 Eternal Collection which includes Diablo III, the Reaper of Souls expansion, and the Rise of the Necromancer pack. Diablo 3 by the way is a game that came out in 2012! Remember the year the world was supposed to end? We have had 3 separate presidents in the U.S.A since this game came out and they still want you to pay $30+ for it!

Now if you've read any of my posts on this site about Blizzard you can probably tell I am not their biggest fan, but that comes with good reason and years of falling out with them over their terrible decisions. It wouldn't be Blizzard if they didn't try and shove microtransactions down your throat instead of fixing the game as they should. If you scroll to the World Of Warcraft section first, you will see their new crap expansion is on sale but who cares the game is dog shit, and if you keep scrolling a little more you enter what feels like an endless sea of microtransactions/in-game shop items. In total, WoW has 49 items on sale, out of those 49 items two of those are actual games. Yes, only two, and it's the same game! If you were wondering why I hate modern Blizzard well I hope that cleared up any confusion for you. Not only do they focus on microtransactions over the game being any good, but by them discounting server transfers it's going to cause the extreme imbalance/dead server issues to be even worse. If you want to read more in-depth about how Blizzard killed TBC Classic for me click here.

Overall this sale is garbage compared to Steam's Summer Sale, Blizzard is doing what they do now. Charge you money for games that suck and making you pay for services that the company should've handled before it became a problem. If you were torn between looking at Blizzard's sales and Steam's sales, you will have a much better time looking through Steam's vast library. Also, the games on Steam's sale are actually discounted pretty heavily compared to Blizzard's attempt to cash in. But at the end of the day, it's your money. If you want to support Blizzard and keep incentivizing them to make games worse as long as players pay for it go right ahead, I don't care anymore because I am no longer shackled by WoW in any way shape, or form, and damn it feels good.

-Mr Catelli

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