Our Grading Scale


10 A Perfect Game

Flawless Experience

For a game to receive a 10/10, it has to be the closest thing to flawless and provide one of the best experiences you can possibly have while gaming.


9 Absolutely Incredible

Doesn't Get Much Better

A 9/10 stands out above the rest. It does something exceptional while playing it; the game makes you want to spend hours on end playing it.


8 Just Misses The Mark

Lasting Impact

8/10 means this game is in the upper echelon in gaming, but it has a few missteps and stumbles throughout.


7 Chef's Kiss

Peak Fun In Games

7/10 for us holds some of our favorite memories in gaming. The game isn't a masterpiece, but you can have a blast playing it.


6 And Down We Go

Not Great

If a game earns a 6/10 it has its issues, but it has some good aspects in it. Overall you won't write home to mama about it, but you'll finish it.


5 The Final Barrier

This Is It

A 5/10 is the last line before we enter just bad games. A game in this rating means it's not good, however you can squeak some fun out of it between the bugs and gameplay.


4 The Swamp Of Sorrows

All Fun Is Gone

If we slap a game with a 4/10 rating, something ain't right. The game has to have massive flaws to earn this low of a rating.


3 Voluntary Torture

Dont Play it

When we're talking about a game earning a 3/10, it's almost impressive that the company went live shipping a product that is so untested, unpolished, and boring that it deserves this rating.


2 Demand A Refund

Seriously Get Your Money Back

I hope and pray none of us have to play a 2/10 game ever again. If somehow a game is so bad it earns this rating the game is broken, unfinished, and bad in every single category. However, it needs a little extra spice on top to kick it down the list this low, something along the lines of shady business practices or a ridiculously long dev cycle to then produce a horrible game.


1 Completely Broken

Busted Game

Plain and simple for a game to receive a 1/10, it has to be un-playable and broken. Not many games deserve this rating, but they do somehow happen from time to time. If you ever see us give a game this rating avoid it at all costs or you will regret it.